NYIAS Morning Photo Dump

Jeff, Jim and I are the New York Auto Show. We have no idea what the hell we’re doing. We’re walking around aimlessly, chatting and taking pictures. We also have a crappy video. We will have more crappy videos later. Here are some pictures. No, wait, there aren’t many pictures because WiFi here sucks. How the big websites get anything done, I do not know.

Few pictures and observations:

  • Audi S8 wheels look really small. They’re not.
  • The classic Range Rover is my favorite.
  • Matte blue M3 and matte silver M5 are… interesting. We don’t love them.
  • Chrysler loves CF hoods. The Fiat and the Dart have ’em.
  • Audi loves CF trim, all of their cars have ’em.
  • BMW loves CF… uhmm… never mind.
  • We’ll be back with more!!

[nggallery id=148]

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