NYIAS 2019: Our Tweets and IGrams

Ross and I spent the day walking around the NYIAS and talking cars. We took some pictures, too. But when it came time to actually uploading them, had a problem. The WiFi at the show was somewhat crappy and I just did not have the patience for it. So we decided to just Tweet and Instagram our pics and thoughts.

And here they are, all of them in one place. Next year we will try, and likely fail, to do a video.

And here is our Instagram feed. I really don’t want to link each and every photo because there is alcohol upstairs, so just clicky and likey or whatever one does on IG.



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5 responses to “NYIAS 2019: Our Tweets and IGrams”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    Due to all the EV friendly rules and rebates, the Jaguar I Pace is everywhere in Norway. My 6 yo, too, commented that it looks like a space ship. And I once tried to follow one out of a roundabout, when the driver accelerated hard. Let’s say this person probably didn’t notice that I gave all I got to follow in my measly Honda van.

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    Pallisade cargo cover storage is good. One of my peeves is vehicles that basically box in the cargo space flush with the wheelhouses, leaving a pathetic but very neat-looking space. Do you want to put stuff in there or look at it? The Pallisade seems better than most there too.

  3. ptschett Avatar

    I wonder if the MB has some lane keeping / auto-cruise / auto-brake sensors behind that grotesque salad plate of a logo? That’s all I can think of.

    The GMC tailgate strikes me as being more for tailgating where the Ram actually solves a working-truck problem of getting stuff into the box.
    But I wouldn’t have minded having the GMC setup the time I was pulling nails from boards from a barn we’d torn down, using my dad’s ’95 Dakota’s tailgate as my workbench, and had my tapes playing on its radio. (Mostly the Metallica black album. I think of those few days almost any time I listen to songs from that album. Funny how music can be a gateway to memory.)

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      I’m thinking the same thing regarding the MB star. A while back I commented here about the immense size of the Acura RLX grille badge, wondering if it hid the radar for the automatic cruise control, and that was the general consensus. Granted, it’s a decent way to hide the tech, but it’s not exactly unobtrusive.
      I have mixed feelings about the GMC tailgate. On one hand, it’s a genius solution that seemingly could have been offered years ago, and if it were strictly a rugged mechanical piece, then I could accept it as brilliant. The inclusion of the audio components, though, really takes it away from the durability I think is needed in a truck that does work. Historically, I’ve beaten the hell out of tailgates. Like you said, the audio turns an otherwise functional piece into a party trick.

  4. Zentropy Avatar

    It’s difficult to actually quantify the cost of GMC’s multifunctional tailgate because it’s not a standalone option. However, you’ll pay dearly for it, because it’s packaged only in the SLT-and-higher trims. It isn’t available at all on the SLE (which I think of as the mass-seller), the base (the standard work truck), or the Elevation (the sporty one). I find it ironic that the buyers that are potentially the most likely to use their bed to haul stuff cannot even option the most functional tailgate (I see Denalis driving down the highway with unscratched bed liners that you could literally eat off of). The aftermarket would be wise to jump on this opportunity to offer a similar (but patent-skirting) tailgate for those that don’t wish to pay GMC’s price of entry.