NYIAS 2013: Photo dump of BMW, Ford, Audi and some others

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Wednesday night we had our first annual (is it annual if it’s first?) Hooniverse/Blipshift gathering. Chances are that you were not there, and that’s too bad because you missed the opportunity to share beers with me, Jeff, Blake Z. Rong, Jack Baruth, John Krafcik (CEO of Hyundai), the guys from Limited Slip Blog, and a many others.

Between that gathering, my drive home, my day job, and family, I am just now getting around to the rest of the pictures.  As usual; fancy, weird, and interesting stuff after the jump. Comment at will.

DSC_0001 (Copy)

 Haven’t driven, but heard many great things about this SRT product. It looked manly, less cartoon-y, with those wheels despite the color.

DSC_0002 (Copy)

New Golf. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

DSC_0004 (Copy)

GTI seats. Yes, please.

DSC_0005 (Copy)

I love the Grand Cherokee, can’t wait to drive (or buy) the updated one. F-SRT, M-diesel, K-V8.

DSC_0008 (Copy)

Audi interiors are really nice, by far the best in the industry as judged by touch and feel. I haven’t played with the electronics.

DSC_0009 (Copy)

White with gray/gun-metal-ish wheels, always a great combo. The TT is aging very well.

DSC_0010 (Copy)

I’m on the fence about the looks of A7. The sportier S7 looks much better.

DSC_0011 (Copy)

I wonder how many RS5 cabrios they will sell. I’m never a fan high performance coupes with chopped tops.

DSC_0012 (Copy)

S7 seat, it’s music to my butt.

DSC_0013 (Copy)

Oh. My. Gawd. Becky, look at her butt…

DSC_0014 (Copy)


DSC_0015 (Copy)

A vent. A door. Meh.

DSC_0016 (Copy)

The M3, still the best daily driver/track car. I tracked one, I autocrossed one, I got coffee in one. Your AMG, S-this, and F-that – they’re all just imitators.

DSC_0018 (Copy)

I love the look of the 6-series four-door, whatever its proper name maybe. The M version is probably amazing, based on my M6 ‘vert driving experience.

DSC_0019 (Copy)

I has almost become trendy to hate on the BMW M brand recently, but hear this… if you were to blow $100k on high performance track-worthy sedan, and went and test drove the Panameras, Rapides, CLSs, and similar… you would probably end up with this. Just like in the case of the M3, everyone else is just an imitator, but they are getting close – the M cars no longer significantly surpass the others like they used to.

DSC_0020 (Copy)

Lincoln SUV concept. Another brand that getting a lot of shit lately for no reason. No, they don’t have product… yet. Give them time, Mulally is still in charge.

DSC_0021 (Copy)

The new MKZ is a good start. It looks great, but I don’t think the interior is up to Lexus quality, and that damn touch-screen and invisible buttons make it a pain to use, especially for people in the 50/60 age bracket which I think is the intended target audience.

DSC_0022 (Copy)


DSC_0035 (Copy)

This is what your Raptor looks like if, or when, you flip it.

DSC_0036 (Copy)

Looks like the Super Duty is getting a new dash layout. The buttons are a little small and too close together, which could be a pain when wearing gloves.

DSC_0037 (Copy)

These new Transit Connects seem like a great idea: functional, pretty, and affordable. But will families buy them or will they remain strictly commercial products? Does it matter?


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12 responses to “NYIAS 2013: Photo dump of BMW, Ford, Audi and some others”


    As the grandson of a extremely good carpenter, this semi-finished wood look REALLY bugs my OCD. I got a chance to look at this finish in an S7 at the recent auto show, and all I could think about was grabbing some sandpaper and polyurethane and actually finishing the trim.
    And I agree with your comments on the MKZ. I really like how they look now that I've seen a few out and about, but the interior really isn't up to the level of it's competitors yet. I really hope Lincoln gets it together, I don't want to see them fail. Hint hint Lincoln, a MkIX would be the way forward….
    And music for your butt. Heh.

  2. danleym Avatar

    OK, maybe I'm behind the internet curve here, but what is the whole F/M/K thing? I've seen that a few times in the last couple days, and not once have I had any clue what I was reading.

    1. dculberson Avatar

      F = F–k, as in make sweet sweet love to but leave when the sun comes up
      M = Marry, as in to spend the rest of your life with
      K = Kill, as in, wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole.

    2. Kamil_K Avatar

      On the Howard Stern Show, he often asks the people he interviews: "Brad Pitt, Al Roker, Donald Trump – who would you marry, f**k, and kill?"
      Insert different celeb names for different guests obviosuly.

      1. danleym Avatar

        Gotcha. Thank you.

  3. JayP2112 Avatar

    The M6 Gran Coupe is a beast.

  4. lilwillie Avatar

    I got a chance to see some 'leaked' photos of you guys hanging out. You all sure look purty in your jackets and fancy stuff.

    1. Kamil_K Avatar

      Yea, big change for Jeff, who's usually in his underwear on the couch.
      I wear a shirt and tie between 8-5. :-/

  5. Sjalabais Avatar

    So where is the Volvo boot…?

    1. Kamil_K Avatar

      This was not meant to be all-inclusive. If you want all the news, see autoblog.com. We only covered what we like and find interesting.
      Volvo, frankly, did not have anything interesting in it. The news of the Volvo V40 coming back to the U.S. came after I have left…. but we covered that before too: http://hooniverse.info/2012/02/27/hooniverse-asks-

      1. Sjalabais Avatar

        Ok, thanks.

  6. LSB Scott V Avatar
    LSB Scott V

    Pleasure to join you that evening guys! Next time, we pick up the tab!