Numero Uno: 1990 Giannini Fiat Uno Turbo i.e. Torino!

giannini_fiat_uno_turbo_i.e._torino_1 This is one of the bulkiest-looking developments of the humble and boxy Fiat Uno hatchback. Small Italian cars are rarely anything but awesome, and when they’re all puffed up with a bodykit, packing a turbo engine, they get just that little bit cooler. The wonderfully historic Auto Giannini, originally founded all the way back in 1885, got their hands on a Turbo Uno in 1990, and this is the end result. It’s boastful. Giannini-Torino-4 The handiwork of the Italian tuner raises the power output of the 1.3-litre turbo unit to almost 150 horsepower from 118. There are sturdy Sparco buckets inside, and the car is lightened by about 300lbs despite the improved bodywork. The tire size is upped to 195/50R15, and the wheels are chunky if anything. giannini_fiat_uno_turbo_i.e._torino_2 I have no clue where the Giannini Uno Turbo lies these days, and whether only one prototype was built. Surely there’s a reader somewhere who is more well-versed on punchy show car Fiats than I am.

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