Not sure if Genius or Idiot: Pineapple for Bronco scale

Ford has been setting up Bronco events at dealerships all over the country. The company brings two or three rigs to local dealerships so that people who have ordered their Broncos last year can see what they may or may not take delivery of this year. Bronco forum people post a ton of pics from these events, each one showing some specific aspect of the car that’s overly important to very few. A dude by the name of “ZackDanger” (I guess those are his first and middle names) did something different.

Zach went to one of those dealer Bronco events with… a pineapple. And then he took pics of the Bronco with the pineapple in various places. The idea is that the pineapple works as a fixed scale object, giving those who haven’t seen the Bronco in person an idea of the size of various things. Looking at Zach’s pictures, my first thought was he is a complete moron. The engineer in me said, “but pineapples can vary in size, how do I know your pineapple is the same as my pineapple?!” But that’s my own issue.

And then I realized that Zach is a damn genius.

Zach hopefully used the same pineapple in all his pictures. I mean, if he brought two, one tiny and one huge one, just to eff with people, well then Zach deserves some kind of super-genius troll award. But let’s just assume that Zach in fact used the same pineapple in all his pics. Suddenly, we get a scale of what can fit where, in the Bronco.

For instance, I don’t think a soccer ball will fit under the rear bench. But I know that a first aid kit and some bungee cords will fit perfectly into the storage area under the cargo floor. A water bottle should fit into the mesh door pocket. But I don’t think that my DSLR camera fits into the center console. I can see that the side pocket in the cargo area is rather useless. This is amazing information!

Go to for the rest of Zach’s pictures. They’re surprisingly informative.

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18 responses to “Not sure if Genius or Idiot: Pineapple for Bronco scale”

  1. OA5599 Avatar

    The pineapple has some context within that forum.

    1. Kamil Kaluski Avatar
      Kamil Kaluski


  2. smaglik Avatar

    Good thing the pineapple is never shown upside down…or is it?

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      This comment takes the cake.

      1. tiberiuswise Avatar

        It runs rings around all the others.

  3. Idaneck Avatar

    Where I live, the pineapple is the symbol of a swinger’s house. Just sayin’

    1. smaglik Avatar

      Yup. The good ole upside down pineapple. Also is apparently valid in a shopping cart.

      1. danleym Avatar

        I have never heard of such a thing… I wonder the what the story is behind and upside down pineapple becoming a symbol for that

        1. Sjalabais Avatar

          That’s the kind of question you’re not supposed to Google… 😛

      2. Idaneck Avatar

        I don’t know for certain, but I believe the pineapple can be pointed any direction.

  4. Batshitbox Avatar

    This reminds me of working in the custom bicycle frame factory. Once in a while a frame order would come through with a disposable camera to be used to document the build process. More than once we decided that there should be a doughnut in every picture, foreground or background. Even though a frame could take three days to go through the line, we consumed so many doughnuts at that place that there was always a fresh one at hand. No doughnut ever went stale at Seven Cycles.

  5. Troggy Avatar

    Could you provide some sort of conversion units? Not all of us live in the US you know and I need to know how many metric pineapples would fit.

    My requests to do the same at my local dealerships were politely declined with more than a few suggesting a few other places that I might like to put my pineapple.

    1. Sjalapple Avatar

      Reframing that question, how many Broncos fit into a metric pineapple?

      1. Rover1 Avatar

        A non-metric pineapples measured in cubits?

      2. Lokki Avatar

        A European pineapple or an Asian pineapple?

          1. outback_ute Avatar

            Have been there… last millennium…

  6. Tiller188 Avatar

    Well sure, why should bananas have all the fun?