Norwegian Trucking Disaster

In case your Monday morning is/was an uneasy one, here’s an intense video to make it seem more bearable in comparison. On Sunday, in Leirosen, Norway, a truck rig being towed up a hill got a car-width too close to the roadside barrier and plunged down the mountainside – taking the tow truck with it.

Using the words “Make the jump” can be ill-fitting here, but do that to see the video.

Link to article (in Norwegian) and full video here

The foreign-registered truck rig had failed to get up the hill on its own, and had been taken in tow to be assisted. Unfortunately, the snowy road must’ve concealed the roadside’s slippery slope that led the truck to rest against the barrier, which gave in.

While the tow truck driver had only seconds to make a successful leap to safety, the driver of the truck being towed wasn’t as lucky and is now in hospital in serious condition. We wish him a speedy recovery.

[Source: Helgeland Arbeiterblad]

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