No, Really? Top Gear Names Car of the Decade

Crikey, I didn't see that one coming!
Last night on the snooze-fest that was the first Top Gear of the new year (although taped two weeks ago) the lads from Leeds (I know their not from Leeds, but it sounds good) attempted to one-up Hooniverse by awarding not only their Car of the Year winner, but also their Car of the Decade. Possibly in an attempt to make up for what was one of the dullest shows on record, Clarkson & Company took the path of least irony and gave the nod to the $1.7 million Volkswagen. The short video of the Bug at speed did little to make up for an episode that even the hosts admitted was bereft of content- Jezza continuously eyeing his watch in hopes the hour would soon be over so he could get back to looking at himself in the mirror. May’s Vauxhall test, which devolved into a rambling and eventually testy interview with one of the creators of the British road system signage, was as about as jaw-droppingly banal as you could imagine. Only the hamster’s noir-animated test of the Lexus LFA brought any life to the party, and even at the end of that he notes that, as great a car as it is, it’s still a Lexus. Perhaps it’s time to revisit some past shows for Top Gear goodness?

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