No Good Can Come of This: 1965 FiberFab Aztec

1965 Volkswagen Fiberfab Aztec Kit Car for sale1965 Volkswagen Fiberfab Aztec Kit Car for sale This is certainly not a “true” Porsche. While the lines of this Fiberfab Aztec kit have a decent mid-60s supercar look and the feasibility of scary-fast VWs is well known, we’re still doubtful you’d ever have a car that wouldn’t be laughed at as soon as your opened the gullwing doors or tilt-back hatch. But then again, maybe that’s the challenge. Despite the Mesoamerican name and paintjob, all we can think of when we see that oil cooler intake scoop thing are The Snorks. Aaaand, in searching for that Snorks link we ran smack into Rule 34 the Internet. Seriously, there some strange people out there. On eBay motors, naturally.

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