Nissan announces Le Mans Prototype program for 2015

NISSAN_LMP1 This morning in London, Nissan’s motorsports division, NISMO, revealed its intentions to build a new LMP1 racecar for the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans (and possibly the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship by extension). The new car will be called the “GT-R LM,” though no details were released on what it might share in common with the road car of the same name. In fact, no details at all were released other than the name, but Nissan’s entry will make four LMP1 manufacturers (along with Audi, Porsche, and Toyota) at Le Mans, a level of carmaker involvement not seen in more than a decade. This does race a number of questions if one starts to look at the NISMO puzzle pieces: Nissan are running the ZEOD RC as this year’s Garage 56 entry. One has to wonder where that will factor in as a systems testbed if not the actual drivetrain donor. Or will Nissan run the GT-R’s tried-and-true 3.8-liter V6 along with hybrid systems? And who will drive it? Don’t be surprised if GT Academy drivers like Jann Mardenborough and Lucas Ordonez find themselves in the GT-R LM cockpit next June alongside veteran drivers. See the NISMO announcement video after the jump. [youtube][/youtube]   [Source: NISMO YouTube channel]

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