Name That Part: Saucy Minx Edition

Can you blame us for stalking her?
Can you blame us for stalking her?

On Thursday’s Name That Part, we relied on grainy picture quality and poor camera angles to stump the Hooniversal Collective — just like they do on eBay! Since nobody guessed it — although one person came close, somewhat — I’m giving the victory to alf — who didn’t come close — for his guess that the large, steel box with pipes and levers in it was the original Jarvik Artificial Heart. Please, alf, never become aa surgeon.
On to today’s Name That Part!
To welcome our newest contributor, we’re going with a Murilee Martin theme here today. Murilee is famous for both her his storytelling and for his her “callbacks”. Over time, we’ve learned about Wanky the Safety Cat, the P71 Crown Victoria, the Civic, and the Project Car Hell Original Sin Edition. For myself, Murilee feels like a bit of a kindred spirit, as I’ve also spent the better part of the last 15 or so years digging through junkyards and swap meets looking for those bits and pieces that might help me complete one of my projects, or that of one of my friends.
I thought about choosing a piece from one of Murilee’s projects; but those have been so well-documented over the years that one of her more devoted stalkers fans would have no trouble sorting it out with virtually no clues at all. They’d probably be able to show us photos from Murilee’s back yard of the actual piece involved, circa 1992.
Since I am markedly lacking in so many stalkers — that I know of, anyhow… at last count, I only had two — I’m opting for an example from my own Murilee-Martin-themed back-story. I’ve spoken of this quite a few times, so now we get to see if anyone has ever paid any attention at all. This is a part from a car identical to the one on which I did my first ever engine swap, and only managed to electrocute myself once. Okay, maybe twice.
Mmmm, greasy goodness.
Mmmm, greasy goodness.

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  1. discontinuuity Avatar

    Er, that looks more like a manual. Maybe it's a Rock-Crusher?

    1. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

      That's no powerslide, and looks a bit too small for the M22

  2. joshuman Avatar

    It isn't the Corrado. That much is for sure.

  3. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    Manual trans to a Datsun 510.

    1. citroen67 Avatar

      I think you might be right…

  4. engineerd Avatar

    The 5-speed manny tranny from a 1st Gen Honda CRX. It's made famous in this photo of the Saucy Minx with said tranny.
    <img width=500 src=""&gt;

  5. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    That looks like an auto tranny to me…

    1. engineerd Avatar

      It probably is. I just wanted an excuse to post that picture.

      1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

        Crap ruined good surprise again. Torquematic?

      2. Thrashy Avatar

        …that's also the most un-FWD transmission in the history of Earth. I don't think it'd even fit crosswise between the fenders of a 1st-gen!

  6. citroen67 Avatar

    Saginaw 4-speed?

  7. Murilee Martin Avatar
    Murilee Martin

    That's a 700R4, which I ended up trading for an air compressor the next day instead of swapping into the beater Nova that I thought would get 90MPG with an overdrive transmission. The CRX is great for hauling large car parts, by the way- the lack of a back seat makes the cargo area quite roomy.

  8. Bret Avatar

    I believe the term Saucy Minx was first scribbled by me in response to a LeMons post. Little did I know that not only was I infected by Murilee's coquettish charms, I was also cursed with the Herpes-esque need to compete in LeMons events.
    Welcome aboard, the Hooniverse has room for many Minxes.

  9. Fej Avatar

    sadly thats not a tranny from a crx…

    1. Deartháir Avatar

      Well done, but that was the car I first learned to wrench on; the first car I did an engine swap on was something else entirely.

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  11. Luigi Fulk Avatar

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