Name That Part- Eng & Chang Edition

Marvin Gaye once sang One can stand alone in the dark, Two can make the light shine through- It takes two, baby, It takes two, baby, Me and you, just takes two. And no pair of siblings exemplified that devotion to another better than Chang and Eng, the conjoined twins. Between them (literally it appears) they fathered numerous children and ruled the roost of not one, but two bustling households. Of course, they had the benefit of that old saying two heads are better than one.

While their intractable closeness may have had its downside, it’s undeniable that they probably killed at double’s tennis, and cleaned up on every two-for-one sale in town. While they didn’t share any vital organs, and  had they been born in a more modern era, they would have been separated at an early age, their unique condition provided the brothers with a ready income stream as objects of interest at freak shows and as evidence to miscreant children of what would happen if they didn’t eat their vegetables. The gentlemen Bunker may have seen their condition as just a small hurdle to overcome, but so entwined had they become over the years that when Chang died of pneumonia, Eng refused to be freed from the corpse, and died only hours later of blood poisoning.

What does that have to do with today’s Name That Part?  Well, I’m sure it’s all relatable, although damned if I know how by now. Behold below another pair- and a pair that I can tell you does go together like peas and carrots, like Forrest and Jenny (why don’t girls like the name Jenny anymore?) or like me and a Ford RS200.

That said, they do look a bit forlorn, like they have been separated from someone, or something. Can you divine their purpose, and rightfully describe either their function or their origin?

Image source: [distusaispourquoi]

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