Name That Part- Double Jeopardy Round Edition

There comes a time in every car owner’s life when, for one reason or another, their ride lets them down. The excuse could be a failure of some part or another due to wear, a flaw in the design, or just their own poor maintenance practices. Whatever the cause, it can put both car and driver in jeopardy should it occur in heavy traffic or a seedy neighborhood.
As cars become more reliable, the chances of this occurring become more rare, but that’s not to say they still don’t. However, should you happen to drive an older car – say you’re of limited means – or have a classic, their persnickety nature can lead to recalcitrance in starting and running with regularity.
Some old cars are more trouble-prone than others, and in fact some entire makes and nations of origin are well known as breeders of future roadside opportunities for reflection. While a few people like that challenge, as well as the roll of the dice that every short trip involves, others would simply like to get to wherever they are going, be it somnambulist’s convention, or philately sale, with the least fuss possible.
And that brings us to today’s Name that Part. What does Jeopardy and reliability have to do with the part pictured below? Who knows, but I’m sure there’s a connection there somewhere. Regardless, today you’re getting a glimpse at a part that comes from one of the makes not known for keeping its owners out of trouble, and as a hint, I’ll tell you that, just like Double Jeopardy, these parts come in twos.
Good luck!

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  1. P161911 Avatar

    That looks an awfully lot like a Rover sedan Viking ship emblem in the center. It also appears to be a pedal cover, so I'll say Rover P5 brake or clutch pedal cover. Just a guess.

  2. Adam Smith Avatar
    Adam Smith

    It's obviously a lid for a Lucas wiring smoke container.

  3. Beer_Rover Avatar

    Lucas battery cover. I'm not certain of the application. Jag Maybe?

    1. Beer_Rover Avatar

      For a jaguar XK 120.
      Found a link.

      1. Robert Emslie Avatar
        Robert Emslie

        Nicely done.

      2. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

        Wow! Excellent work!

  4. ZomBee Racer Avatar

    It's a black cow in the dark!
    Damn picture hosting weirdness… what a jyp. I'll pretend I did not not-see this and come back to play tomorrow.

  5. Beer_Rover Avatar

    I think I have some kind of "partographic" memory. It comes in handy at times, but mostly it's just a pain in the a**.

    1. coupeZ600 Avatar

      There's a Parts Guy here in town that insists you not tell him what the part is off of until he gets to make a guess. He'll get to know your stable after a while, and because he knows he doesn't have a single part for a '72 AZ600 Coupe he'll just start thinking about what else will fit. You'll hear him banging around back there, and then he'll come back with a box.
      "Here, I found this the other day", he says knocking the dust off the top of the box. "It's for a '74 Pinto, but if you cut this tab off, grind this part down, and re-drill these holes to fit the 12mm bolts, it should bolt right on." He's almost always right, and he hardly ever uses the computer, preferring the Books if he's not certain.
      I like how your linky says, "What Is Common Today Will Be Rare Tomorrow". How true, with both Parts and Parts-Guys as well.

      1. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

        I used to have a parts guy like that. Then the city exercised eminent domain to shut him down and bulldozed his (and a dozen others) businesses for an upscale downtown renovation project that never happened because one of the businesses was a 50-year-old towing company and somehow the city never took into account that their yard just might be a brownfield. Now it's a hundred acre eyesore (that used to be a moderately busy industrial area) with a shitload of decaying buildings that were never torn down because all work stopped when it dawned on the geniuses involved that there might be contamination issues in an ancient towing lot. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

        1. coupeZ600 Avatar

          They should exercise eminent domain on people like that and declare them "National Treasures" and pay them just to go look around at all the dusty boxes in the back of all the Parts Stores in town. Heck, give them a crown and the the title, Prince/Princess Of Parts.
          I hate when I go somewhere and the person insists on a VIN or it just ain't gonna' happen. Cowards with a Crutch, my brother calls them, referring to them and their computer.

          1. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

            I've never had anybody insist on a VIN (and I'd never give them one under any circumstance), but I've learned that all I'm going to get from that kind of place is a blank stare anyway. "AMC Eagle? Who makes that, Ford?" "Rambler American? Never heard of it, is it foreign?"

          2. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

            Christ. I have half a mind to apply at one of the stores around here, because even I could figure out that the best course of action there (with the Eagle) would be to ask you whether a part from a Cherokee is likely to work, because that's all that's in the computer (which they presumably rely on for ordering, or am I wrong?)… Hell, I might even pick up a few things that way.

  6. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

    I'm suspicious…. Timothy, Margaret and Greg all have the same handwriting…. something's fishy!

  7. franchitti27 Avatar

    I think P191911 may be on the right track with pedal cover, but I think it's from a Rootes product.

  8. nofrillls Avatar

    Connery: I'll take "anal bum covers" for 500, Alex.
    Trebeck: That's "an album cover"
    Connery: Your mother's a whore!

  9. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

    Well, it's obviously what's left of a piston, rings and con-rod from something. LeMons Fiero?

    1. smalleyxb122 Avatar

      Indeed. It is the #4 piston (rod, etc.) from the Double Jeopardy Fiero. Since the post was "Double Jeopardy Round Edition", I figured I would take the opportunity for some shameless self (for lack of a better word) promotion, since it coincided with my team name.
      But since you knew it right away, I should probably stop telling people that it was "pulverized to the point of barely resembling a piston."

      1. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

        The piston doesn't look much like a piston anymore. The wrist pin and ring fragments were the giveaway.

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