Name that car

As I was meandering through the classifieds I stumbled upon this little gem.  After an exhaustive 5-minute search of the interwebs I found but a single site with information on this car.  A paragraph actually, so very little is known about it.  I figured I would turn it over to you Hoons and see what you come up with.  I photoshopped MS Painted over the badges to make it more challenging.  Ready? Go!

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  1. mdharrell Avatar

    1985 Minikin, successor to the Freeway. Yeah, I've been watching it on eBay.

  2. DeadinSideInc Avatar

    We're all dually impressed. Take 5 Hoon Points and some afternoonScotch for your efforts.

  3. Dr_Dangerously Avatar

    Just beat me, found it on 3-wheelers

  4. Jo_Schmo Avatar

    curiously that is the only article I could find

  5. Jo_Schmo Avatar

    well since the cats out of the bag, I found it here:
    I'm curious as to how you go about tuning neutral though…

  6. Dr_Dangerously Avatar

    Yea, that is the only thing I could find too.

  7. mdharrell Avatar

    If it has a centrifugal clutch like the Freeway, maybe it's worn out or contaminated, leading to slipping and/or jamming. Freeways didn't have reverse (though some owners have modified them), so I'm not sure what the seller means by a "reverser" but my guess is something like an auxiliary starter motor set up to run the chain drive backwards. Sadly he provided no pics of the drivetrain.

  8. ZomBee Racer Avatar

    Funny, I of course thought of YOU as soon as I saw the photo. Why am I not surprised? 🙂
    Plus 1 in your crazy column.

  9. mdharrell Avatar

    Well, there's a picture of another one here, but that's about it:

  10. nofrillls Avatar

    A Minikin, eh?
    Not knowing better, I would have assumed this vehicle was the tormented spawn that would be the lovechild of a Mini Moke and a Messerschmitt KR175.
    …or perhaps a Meyers Manx was the milkman.

  11. mdharrell Avatar

    I'm flattered, but a full disclosure requires me to point out that I'm only following it, not contemplating its purchase. Much.

  12. blueplate Avatar

    It's all I can do with keeping up with several car.blogs and periodic eBay searches for the one or two cars I might need to buy in the near future. I'll even check out eBay's "Other Makes" every so often just to check in. But how the heck can I keep up with y'all who monitor the entirety of Craigslist, plus eBay's Other Vehicles & Trailers > Other category? (shrug)