NAIAS Morning Photo Dump

[singlepic id=3112 w=340 h=400 float=left] [singlepic id=3107 w=340 h=400 float=left] Here is the first batch of pics from the [insert drama] 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit! [/drama]. It’s really just a bunch of stuff that caught my eye. Some early observations:

  • If you’re shopping for the new Mustang, make sure to order the glass roof (whatever it’s called), as it gives you much more headroom, though it’s proably pricey and increases center of gravity, but c’mon, who cares. It also gives the interior a very airy feel.
  • The media room at the show is damn loud, some guy behind me keeps yapping on the phone about the company’s (I think it’s Chrysler) tweeting strategy. Dude, STFU.
  • The new Ford Fusion is pretty. It also seems big, as in why-would-anyone-buy-a-Taurus big. Looks like Ford will have the same dilemma as Nissan does with the Maxima and Altima.
  • I need more coffee, and perhaps a muffin.
  • As ugly as the Porsche Panamera is, that interior is amazing.
  • The sport seats on the Cayman R are tight, if your ass is bigger than size 38 you won’t fit.
  • I have not seen many booth professionals.
  • The most interesting car here is from the 1980s (I think), more on that later, enjoy the pics.

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