NAIAS Last-ish Photo Dump and More Observations

[singlepic id=3187 w=340 h=700 float=left] [singlepic id=3189 w=340 h=700 float=left] My one day at the [insert drama] 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit! [/drama] came to an end at about 5:30pm on Monday. It is impossible for one person to cover a show like this within one day, hence the photo dumps and bullet-point thoughts. Perhaps one day, as Hooniverse sells out goes mainstream grows, we can provide a better coverage, but I honestly don’t think there is much need to – other websites are already pretty awesome at it. What do you hoons think of the non-pro pics and random thoughts which I have been throwing out there? So, as before, with the last few photos of the day, few more observations are below and this time a story too! I do have more photos however, but I have grouped them differently and will be posting them at a later time. Those photos include some behind-the-scenes look at the show, some weird cars, and one car that I found particularly interesting. Those will go up later today and tomorrow (I forgot to upload them from the camera last night, oops).

  • Ford C-Max is very oddly proportioned. The Euro look maybe a bit of struggle for its U.S. success.
  • Audi will no longer sell the A4 wagon Avant in the U.S. Boo. Instead we will get an Outback-like model – a page taken out of Volvo’s playbook.
  • Hyundai Veloster Turbo looks like an oddly-shaped bag of fun; hopefully torque-steer won’t be too bad.
  • Genesis coupe gets more power for both of its engines, yet still fails to amaze me. Perhaps I need to drive one?
  • Nissan had a new Pathfinder on display. It’s no longer on a frame and looks Infiniti-ish. I was chatting with someone as I was walking through the Nissan/Infiniti displays, making a mental note to go back there and take some pictures. And I forgot. And I forgot Lincoln too. Again, one man in one day is not enough.
  • Dodge had a new Dart on display with chrome-ish, after-market-ish wheels. Please write the follow up sentence yourself.
  • Audi had the best looking booth professionals. They were almost unnaturally thin and with heels were about 6’4″ tall.
  • Porsche had the most booth professionals, and of wide variety. An interesting story on that later.

[singlepic id=3197 w=700 h=700 float=center] Late in the day, without any fanfare, Chrysler showed off this concept minivan. I don’t know anything about really, some electric motors with JDM-ish styling. The above pictured professional was posing for some tool with a really big camera, but the tool was telling her to: wave, wave differently, do something with her hair, wave with another hair thing, turn, push her hair over her shoulder, turn some more, etc. I lost my patience with him after about 30 seconds just as he managed to finish, and walk away with an old-pervy-man look on his face. C’mon son, get some. The booth professional never lost her composure however, and remained cool and calm. Until I asked her to wave. [slideshow id=117] [nggallery id=117]

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