NAIAS Afternoon Photo Dump and Mystery Car Reveal

[singlepic id=3161 w=700 h=800 float=center] Second batch of pictures from the [breaking news!][insert drama] 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit! [/drama] [/breaking news!]. Some observations…

  • Lexus GS, great interior and user interface, like the looks too.
  • The new Tesla sedan has third row rear-facing kid seats. Win!
  • The new Acura ILX is pretty, not a rebadged Civic at all, but only a concept.
  • The NSX Concept got applause and standing ovation from all the journos, but I haven’t had a chance to really see what’s what there – too crowded, I’ll go back for a better look.
  • While sitting in a Toyota Land Cruiser I was thinking why would I get a Range Rover over this – couldn’t think of a reason.
  • Audi: the stand was super crowded bu the updated A4/S4/A5/S5 looks great. And so does the R8 and the S7. I wonder if they drive as good as the look.
  • I may have had too much coffee.
  • Bentley Mulsanne, OMG, so ridiculously nice.
  • Audi had great booth professionals too, which were otherwise lacking.

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