Mystery Car – Weekend Edition Part Two

Ok ass-munches, you have proved that you can guess anything and everything.  You are unstumpable, we get it.  So i’m going to toss this* out there in hopes that perhaps you are humbled and beg for mercy.  Yeah ima jerk like that, but can you really blame me?  If anyone guesses the correct make/model +/- 3 years I will personally send you some autographed and/or stained Hooniverse schwag.
And to be completely fair, I have entrusted the real answer with Ambersand.  Feel free to bribe her.
*not drawn to scale.  or color.  or shape… but they are all close enough.

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  1. Alff Avatar

    1970 Chevrolet Caprice

    1. tempesjo Avatar

      Funny. I was just googling 1980 caprices to see if that was a reasonable guess.

  2. Aaron Richardson Avatar
    Aaron Richardson

    It's a 1961 Renault Dauphine, obviously.

  3. tonyola Avatar

    1966 AMC Cavalier concept. What do I win?
    <img src="; width=500>

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      Why didn't I get here 20 minutes ago!! That is the same one I was thinking of!

    2. Smells_Homeless Avatar

      A free ride in that weird bastard. If you can figure out which end is the front!

      1. tonyola Avatar

        That was the idea behind the car – have as many interchangeable parts as possible – hood/trunk, bumpers, doors, fenders, glass, etc.

    3. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

      My eternal respect.. I've never heard of this car.

  4. $kaycog Avatar

    1975 Holden Torana with a Gurney bubble.

    1. crinklesmith Avatar

      Seconded, and with the cowl hood and ducktail (Gurney flap?) spoiler, it's obviously a SL/R model.

  5. ptschett Avatar

    1972 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight.
    <img src=""/&gt;
    Image shamelessly swiped from someone's flickr

  6. Manic_King Avatar

    Based on design of what I think is rear wheel opening (the one next to bigger wheel, on the left) which seems to be by Marcello Gandini, I say right answer is 1996 Maserati Quattroporte IV, with custom non-metallic color and shaved…everything.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      Continuing my efforts to tie everything back to my own damned car, Robert Cumberford wrote of the KV:
      "The front wheelhouse opening suggests the rear shapes favored by Marcello Gandini, minus all artfulness or style, of course."
      I'd guess KV for this mystery car, but the Mini 1 lacks a rear wheel arch. And curved surfaces.

  7. bill Avatar

    1984 cadillac seville

  8. Joe Btfsplk Avatar
    Joe Btfsplk

    It's a1970 Chevy Impala Brougham….after it won the 1988 Demolition Derby Extravaganza at Islip, Long Island . Winning driver… Earl "The Squirrel" Nutley.

  9. Jo Schmo Avatar
    Jo Schmo

    oddly enough, you guys aren't that far off. I will give a clue, think 80's.

    1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
      Peter Tanshanomi

      My first thought was '77 Lesabre, but a mid-80s Lesabre isn't too different…
      <img src="; width="500">

  10. mdharrell Avatar

    'not drawn to scale. or color. or shape… but they are all close enough.'
    Well, then, based on the scale, color, and shape, I've got to go with this:
    <img src="; width="450">

    1. muthalovin Avatar

      Needs moar Green Giant endorsements.

  11. longrooffan Avatar

    Since nibbles ate my endorsement of the 66 AMC by tonyola, I'm gonna go with a 1984 Lincoln Continental four door sedan..
    <img src="; end>
    And I am pretty sure it is diesel powered.

  12. tim Avatar

    1985 cadillac cimaron

  13. Sidecar57 Avatar

    Chic Hicks! Sponsored by Hostile Takeover Bank.

  14. BЯдΖǐL-ЯЄРΘЯΤЄЯ Avatar

    Bringing up a old meme, it's a DAF 33 (much better than FAF)
    <img src=""&gt;

    1. Lotte Avatar

      Speaking of memes, I think this edition of Mystery Car is probably the best chance that a certain Japanese sports car would actually be the correct answer.

    2. Alff Avatar

      Ah, but I beg to differ, my friend…
      <img src=""width=500&gt;

  15. TWhite Avatar

    1976 AMC Pacer obviously!

  16. TWhite Avatar

    1982 DeLorean
    Sorry for the pitiful first guess.

  17. Lotte Avatar

    80's, front window slants at the same angle as the rear quarter ones, green…I swear this car was posted about yesterday…
    <img src="'&quot; width="400">

  18. BGW Avatar

    1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale Brougham LS w/ Rocket V8. Clearly.

  19. RahRahRecords Avatar

    85 ford Ltd?

  20. TurboBrick Avatar

    1970 Chrysler Newport 4-door sedan. Lots of overhang and you can clearly see the B-pillar so that rules out 2dr or 4dr HT.
    <img src=""&gt;

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      With the Torsion Quiet Ride. I'm sold. Gimme one. Hey, I've wrenched on one of these, put in a new fuel pump on the 440. Fun Fact: Lee Marvin drove a coupe version of this very car. Nothing wrong with that.

  21. GTP_Sultan Avatar

    1979 Nissan Bluebird 1800 SSS.

    1. ZomBee Racer Avatar

      1967 Datsun Bluebird 1600 SSS!!

  22. Thrashy Avatar

    Since muthalovin seems to be out and about, I'll go ahead and throw it out there:
    <img src="; width=500>

    1. muthalovin Avatar

      I need to pay more attention on the weekends. It seems that is the best chance to actually have a correct answer.

  23. BlackIce_GTS Avatar
  24. Jo Schmo Avatar
    Jo Schmo

    Ok, so the real answer I was looking for was 88 Chrysler New Yorker. No really. It's funny that pretty much all of the guesses more or less fit the general description. Congrats to all, you all win 3 free internetz!

    1. Alff Avatar

      If only that were a Chrysler factory color.

      1. Jo Schmo Avatar
        Jo Schmo

        yeah, they probably woulda had a chance at not sucking. Props to ms paint for having the exact color I had envisioned in my head though.

    2. Van Sarockin Avatar
      Van Sarockin

      Wrong. It's a Reliant sedan. You can tell from the tire aspect ratios, confirmed by the ASTM numbers on the sidewalls. And the shoulder belt harness mount locations.

      1. Jo Schmo Avatar
        Jo Schmo

        how dare you waltz on in here and question my mystery car and…. oh hmmm you have good point, maybe I was actually wrong…

        1. tonyola Avatar

          I thought this was too sleek to be a K-car. A Reliant would look like this.
          <img src="; width=500>

          1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

            This was my Brian's first car – well, his was maroon, but otherwise that's how he remembers it.

        2. pj134 Avatar

          I was going to guess 'cuda with modifications to make it a 4 door, and as it turns out they are both Chrysler E Bodies.

    3. CptSevere Avatar

      Dammit. I got here too late. It looks like the '84 Chevy Impala I used to drive for City Cab, but their cars are painted white. I figured the color pictured was there to throw me off.

    4. Jim Brennan Avatar
      Jim Brennan

      So, I was wondering…. how the hell do you get a 1988 Chrysler New Yorker from that drawing of yours? Clearly the rear roof angle isn't even close…..
      <img src="; alt="" width=600>

  25. JayP Avatar

    88 Chrysler New Yorker

    1. Jo Schmo Avatar
      Jo Schmo

      by gods, we have a winner!

  26. grinder74 Avatar

    88 vw fox 2door

  27. B72 Avatar

    How about next time we do it with no hints or pics, 20 questions style?
    As in "I'm thinking of a car". Ok "car" would be a hint but you have to start somewhere.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      Is it a 1962 Fairthorpe Electron Minor?

      1. B72 Avatar

        You guys are good! How did you do that?

  28. Spencedaddy Avatar

    color is all wrong…but could it be a GT40?

  29. muthalovin Avatar

    Man, I need to get some kind if pager for Mystery Cars.
    If Hooniverse really wants to stick it to me, do an NSX as a mystery car on the weekend.
    <img src="; width=550>

    1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      That there. Has awesome.

  30. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    I searched all through the "Brown Car Appreciation Society" group on Facebook, but, alas, could not find a match…

  31. taggat Avatar

    1963 Lincoln Continental