Mystery Car: Super Bonus Weekend Edition Just Cuz…

So I was standing out on my balcony and sumpin red and shiny caught my eye.  I wasn’t sure what it was at first so I went to investigate.  Figured it would keep you lot busy for all of aboot 3 seconds.  And no, it is not a Toyota.  Go!
Bonus points if you can get all three.

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20 responses to “Mystery Car: Super Bonus Weekend Edition Just Cuz…”

  1. smokyburnout Avatar

    Red= Audi S4 B8, White= second-gen Acura Legend, Black= Dodge Caliber?

    1. NothingHappens Avatar

      I concur
      As above – Red = A3/4 Audi (newest gen, you ca see the ugly chrome horse collar grille surround)
      White = I was thinking Infinity M/Q, but you've swayed me
      Black = Could also be a 1st gen M-Class

  2. dwegmull Avatar

    While I have no idea what make or models they are, I do see four cars in that picture. There are three near the long roofed structures and a fourth one in the upper left corner, parked head on behind a tree.

  3. Lotte Avatar

    Red one's a Honda CRZ, white one looks like an Eagle Summit sedan from the 90s, 'IDontKnow' is the Black car, and there's a '98 Camry LE parked in front of behind that there tree.
    I've had one of those moments before…I spotted a part of a Dodge-Caravan-esque jeep/van thing in an elevated parking garage in Hong Kong, of all places. The half-height concrete barrier obscured the bottom. No pics, and it evades me to this day…might be some old Ssangyong…

    1. name_too_long Avatar

      "'98 Camry LE "
      Okay, that's disturbingly specific.
      I can get make and model, and I can accept that you might be able to tell the year range, but the freaking trim package? That's just scary.

  4. Jo Schmo Avatar
    Jo Schmo

    I am amazed that you guys got the Acura Legend… actually no, I am not because you guys rock. Also, I did not notice the white car behind the tree, I may have to walk over there and confirm what it is.

  5. Smells_Homeless Avatar

    Muthalovin', you're missing out. See that wheel peeking out from under the number 294? Yep, you'd better bet that's an NSX.

  6. Jo Schmo Avatar
    Jo Schmo

    NSX FTW! wait, wut? Ya know, one of these days we are SO going to put up an NSX for mystery car and none of ya are going to get it
    /patiently waiting for micro-meme to run it's course

    1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
      Peter Tanshanomi

      Micro-meme? In my day we called that an "inside joke."

  7. SeanKHotay Avatar

    Black Dodge Calibre, white Acura Legend, red Audi S4, white Toyota Camry behind the tree
    Edit: Oops, now I see smoky burnout guessed my first three already…

  8. ZomBee Racer Avatar

    NSX! Yes no?
    (See what happens in a vacuum?)

  9. Manic_King Avatar

    That building with tower is red but not shiny…..oh, you meant the car?
    Audi A3

  10. Jo Schmo Avatar
    Jo Schmo

    ok, red car is a newer S4, white car behind it is an Acura Legend, black car still hasn't been guessed and I still haven't walked my ass over to discover what the white car behind the tree is so it must be an NSX. Right?

    1. NothingHappens Avatar

      Hoonibles ate my first comment.
      Black = First gen M Class.

      1. Jo Schmo Avatar
        Jo Schmo

        no but you are getting warmer

      2. Lotte Avatar

        Is it a second gen M-class??
        (I'm not so good at these…)

  11. ɹǝʌoɹ ǝБuɐɹʇs Avatar
    ɹǝʌoɹ ǝБuɐɹʇs

    Has the black car been called yet? To me, it looks like a 2012 Kia Sportage. I don't know why, that's just what struck me right off the bat.
    <img src="; width=600>

  12. Jim Brennan Avatar
    Jim Brennan

    I'm going to go out on the edge…… get it? and say the black thing is a Ford Edge, or a Lincoln MK-X.
    <img src="; alt="" />
    <img src="; alt="" />
    <img src="; alt="" />

  13. muthalovin Avatar

    Man, several days late, and many NSX pictures short. Sorry I let you guys down.
    I bet, somewhere in this picture, there is a very pretty NSX with a very satisfied owner. Somewhere.