Mystery Car Revealed- Are You Ready to Solo?

There's nothing sexier than leaving a little something to the imagination.

Well, this morning’s mystery car was a little harder than I thought it would be, but commenter extraordinaire Tonyola put his mad knowledge of car scoopery to good use and came up with the correct answer, which, of course is. . .
a Panther Solo 2! Designed to be the replacement for Panther’s Kallista roadster, the car had a unique 2+2, mid engine design, not wholly unlike the current Lotus Evora. The Solo, (what a strange name for a 2+2) rocked the Sierra Cosworth’s 200-bhp 2-litre four as well as a Ferguson Four-wheel drive system that included parts from the Sierra XR4x4. The chassis is a mix of aluminum and carbon fibre, and the car weighs in at under a ton and a half. Panther intended to forge broader sales in the U.S. market with the Solo, but sadly that would never come to pass.
In total, only about a dozen of the Solo 2s were built before Panther Westwind went into receivership in 1980 and was purchased by Ssang Yong Motor Company of Korea. The Korean company eventually built a couple of Solo-tribute cars, but then abandoned the marque in their ongoing quest for building the world’s fugliest car.
Image source: [photobucket]

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9 responses to “Mystery Car Revealed- Are You Ready to Solo?”

  1. tonyola Avatar

    Much as I'd like to take full credit, I have to say that Velocitré came up with the Panther Solo answer at the same time I did. Perhaps we can split the $500,000 prize, right?
    The Solo was originally shown in 1984 as an inexpensive mid-engined sports car using a Fiesta engine. However, Toyota's MR2 forced Panther to change its plans and go upmarket, so the Panther sat on the burner for another five years. It was too little too late by the time it went into production in 1989.

    1. Velocitré Avatar

      That works for me….

  2. muthalovin Avatar

    Ah, now that is some kind of ugly. How to the headlights come out. I imagine that they pop out sideways… and fire rockets.

    1. Velocitré Avatar

      I believe that the headlights rotate along the longitudinal axis, much like the Opel GT's did

  3. Alff Avatar

    Here's a Panther solo from 1988…

    1.  Avatar
  4. regalregalia Avatar

    this comment in on an old thread, so it may not get any response. But 1980? really this thing is SO mid to late 90s in aesthetic, if it were 1980 it seriously is one of the most influential cars ever, look at that fiat coupe that bangle did and not cite an influence, or that squared alfa, gts or something, sorry I don't remember the names. yes, this is drunk hooniverse commenting at my finest.

    1. dculberson Avatar

      I think you're right, I believe this is from 1990. It is still pretty ground breaking for 1990!

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