Mystery Car Revealed- Are You Ready to Solo?

There's nothing sexier than leaving a little something to the imagination.
Well, this morning’s mystery car was a little harder than I thought it would be, but commenter extraordinaire Tonyola put his mad knowledge of car scoopery to good use and came up with the correct answer, which, of course is. . . a Panther Solo 2! Designed to be the replacement for Panther’s Kallista roadster, the car had a unique 2+2, mid engine design, not wholly unlike the current Lotus Evora. The Solo, (what a strange name for a 2+2) rocked the Sierra Cosworth’s 200-bhp 2-litre four as well as a Ferguson Four-wheel drive system that included parts from the Sierra XR4x4. The chassis is a mix of aluminum and carbon fibre, and the car weighs in at under a ton and a half. Panther intended to forge broader sales in the U.S. market with the Solo, but sadly that would never come to pass. In total, only about a dozen of the Solo 2s were built before Panther Westwind went into receivership in 1980 and was purchased by Ssang Yong Motor Company of Korea. The Korean company eventually built a couple of Solo-tribute cars, but then abandoned the marque in their ongoing quest for building the world’s fugliest car. Image source: [photobucket]

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