Mystery Car



We’ve had a good run of Mystery Cars of late, ones that appear to be challenging enough to cause a dip in global productivity, but not cause excessive pulling of hair or gnashing of teeth. Let’s see if we can keep the dream alive with today’s contender. 

Yes, after a short dalliance with technicolor, we’ve gone back to good old black and white. I think it offers another layer of challenge – and fun – to the contest. And anyway, 2-3% of women, and around 7% of males – obviously the weaker gender – are functionally color blind, so it’s almost an ADA requirement.

As we all know, the rules are to provide make, model and likely year. Also the engine if you think it’s identifiable from the picture. Partial guesses receive no credit, void where prohibited. Isn’t that last part kind of contradictory? I mean, void where prohibited, like in the Living Room? I know that’s frowned upon for both my dog and myself. Shouldn’t it be void where socially acceptable, like in the bathroom? I’m going to have to think this through. The rest of you, get solving.

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