Mystery Car!

Nissan Bluebird

Did you know that the word mystery is derived from the latin mystērium which was the term used for a secret rite or worship? No? Well, you do now. Here at the Hooniverse – or Hoonuniversum to you Latin lovers – we pretty much worship cars, and that’s no secret. Not only do we all venerate the automobile, but you have proven to be pretty adroit at the catechism of cars.

Today we have  a carrum mystērium and the whole concept of Latin comes into play in deducing its identity, as you will discover. Of course, I am never quite so forthright in the clue giving so you should probably take that with a grain of salt (or Sal as it were). Whatever your deduction, make sure when you offer up your solution to include the make, model, engine and year for full credit. 

This being Mystery Car day means that today is also Friday, or dies Veneris- Day of Venus in the era of togas instead of Togos. That should give you plenty of time to find the answer, after all, nobody works on Friday, right?


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