Mystery Car

There are certain words that get expunged from society’s lexicon due to either obsolescence or their usage becoming warped from the original meaning and used as derogative fro one group or another. One of those words is ‘retarded‘ which once was a socially acceptable form of reference for those of limited mental faculties. As the word was usurped by those always seeking new and colorful ways to denigrate and dispirit others, its connotation became wholly negative and hence it’s no longer something that one utters in polite company when speaking of those with cognitive challenges.

Instead, today we use terms like developmentally challenged or special needs. In fact we also use ‘special’ to describe the efforts to bring those with learning disorders an education – calling such classes Special Education, or Special Ed for short. Those efforts, I think, prove examples of our society at its best.

I mention all that because somewhere in that ramble lies a clue to the identity of today’s Mystery Car. It’s up to you to not only divine what that clue is, but to then be able to apply it to the solution. When you do, remember to include the year, make, model and engine, because we’re kind of sticklers for that kind of thing around here. And if you do figure it out, no one will be questioning your cognitive skills.

Have fun.

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