Mystery Car!

Rolls Royce

Well, it would appear that many of us survived last week’s slasheriffic Friday the 13th Mystery Car contest – yay virgins! What didn’t survive was the anonymity of the contestant, which, after an atypical 2 hours, was revealed to be an Isuzu Panther Royale. Well done and that proves a testament to the fact that not being sold in the good ol’ U.S. A. is not impediment to your amazing automotive identity pegging skills. Your other pegging attributes won’t be something we’re going to get into here.

Today we’re going in for our close up, and have a contender that appears to be all about the headlamps. The fact that it’s rocking a pair of 5-inch sealed beams may prove a clue to its origin and era, or perhaps it won’t. But then you don’t need clues, requiring only to tap into your deep Car -Fu abilities to discern a contestant’s true identity. When you do, remember that much like the game of Clue, your choice must not be in the form of a question, but a declaration – and you need to sound off like you’ve got a pair. I mean, you need to include the make, model, engine, and year, in order to be crowned this week’s champion, and be feted from afar by your less worthy fellow Honniversarians.

Okay Hoons, get a hoonin’.

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