Mystery Car!

Today is April 6th, and on this date in 1973 the American League instituted the designated hitter rule forever making, in my opinion, that MLB division inferior to the National League. It’s also Friday, and while the 2012 MLB schedule is in full swing, so is this week’s Mystery Car! The reason I bring up baseball is because last week y’all hit one out of the park, almost immediately identifying the TVR Griffith by its shapely derrière. That means this week we’re going for a change up and hopefully will be able to brush back any such quick resolutions.

I’m not saying I expect this Mystery Car to go into extra innings, but I hope that it’s more of a match up than was last week. The image, as you will note, is once again black and white, which should help in masking its identity. It also appears to be taken from a very low angle which, if this were a stick ball game, might be considered a grounder.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about it, but we will revisit the rules as that’s always a good way to wrap these up – you need the make, model, engine and year of manufacture to claim the prize of Mystery Car King (or Queen). Okay ready? Batter up! 

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