Mystery Car!

Porsche 968

Today is March 30th, which happens to be the birthday of Stanley Kirk Burrell, better known to most as MC Hammer.  This leap year, March 30th is also a Friday, and that means Mystery Car! here on the Hoon, but will today’s candidate prove that doo, doo, doo, doo, you can’t solve this

Last week, that almost seemed the case as the Vauxhall Equus proved a vexing challenge – taxing the collective hive mind more so than usual. Hopefully this week you’ll be back in the swing. My addiction to red cars has not abated, and hence once again I’ve taken to de-saturating the picture to its ’50s TV show basics. That, along with the judicious application of the blur to hide some of the more easily identifiable parts of our contender, will hopefully make this a challenge worthy of your immense automotive-identification talents.

Okay, Let’s get started by reviewing the rules – make, model, engine and year are required to win. No substitutions allowed, void where prohibited, check with your doctor before engaging in any strenuous activities, and if this Mystery Car! lasts for more than four hours, you may need to go to an emergency room. Ready? Hammer time!


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