Mystery Car!

Ferrari Bonobo

It’s funny, the connections between one thing and another. For instance, Tom Bosley is best known for playing the dad on Happy Days, a sit-com from the seventies about a family living in the fifties. However, after that show went off the air he starred in another show, The Father Dowling Mysteries, and his co-star on that show’s three seasons was Tracy Nelson, daughter of Rick Nelson, who had starred in a TV series – Ozzie and Harriet – about. . .  a family living in the fifties. Freaky, I know.

The character of Father Dowling was a catholic priest who seemed to come across a new murder every week, which he managed to neatly wrap up in a brisk 43 minutes, along with his sidekick, the street-savvy Sister Stevie – played by Nelson. Sadly, none of the perpetrators, upon being uncovered, ever averred that they would have gotten away with it were it not for those pesky Catholics.

Your mystery is much less confounding, and you needed don a white collar or habit to solve it. All you need to do is recognize the identity of the car above, from its cleverly disguised photo. And I’m sure you can do it in under 43 minutes too. For those of you new to the game, you need the make, model, engine and year to be crowned Father Dowling the winner. Okay mystery solvers, get solving.

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