Mystery Car

This week, the summer of 2018 has officially began. This also means that most of the winter potholes have been repaired. You can now truly enjoy that top-down drive in your roadster that only comes out for a few days per year, if you have such a vehicle. Go ahead, take it up to buck-thirty like the driver of today’s Mystery Car did. Knowing what make and model of a vehicle he or she was driving is the important part for now.
Regarding last week’s Mystery Car, those who guessed Alfa Romeo were right.  But no one really got the model name right, which was really more of a guessing game than anything. Regardless, GTXcellent is The Person of the Moment!

I spotted this car when I visited F40 Motorsports some years ago. 

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13 responses to “Mystery Car”

  1. RP Avatar

    1998 FSO Polonez Atu with “updated 1.6-liter version of the Fiat’s 1.3-liter”

    1. RP Avatar

      Specifically, the green FSO Polonez owned by your cousin Darek

      1. Kamil K Avatar


    2. nanoop Avatar

      I was looking for a sharper image online, and the search turned up this marvel, btw.:

  2. RP Avatar

    Specifically this one

  3. nanoop Avatar

    Speedo in km/h, tach, CEL while going 140: Alfa Romeo 156 with some twin spark excitement generator.

  4. fede Avatar

    the font looks like late 80s early 90s VW (at least south american ones), but there are too much curves. and too much information for it to be a cheap Fiat, but lousy fit on the top of the cluster…
    (also 130kph at 4k rpm, not bad)

    1. JayP Avatar

      Looks like a VW… with every warning light ablaze.

  5. caltemus Avatar

    This one is tough. I spent a few hours looking at mid 90s USDM clusters before realizing it’s in KM/H.

    1. stigshift Avatar

      I’m trying to avoid spending all day doing the same thing…

  6. Troggy Avatar

    The shape of the cutouts are so similar to those on my EF Fairmont that I was going to say it’s an (Australian) Falcon of somewhere around the llate ’80’s, early ’90’s. But Australian Ford’s of the late ’80’s had that econo-meter thing, and I don’t believe any of them ever had a tacho with a green line marking the ‘efficient’ range.
    I’m thinking there’s a a strong chance that it’s a non-American Ford of around the early ’90’s.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Yeb, definitely not a Falcon. The green band on the tacho is pretty distinctive, but it is not helping me.

  7. boxdin Avatar

    Ford Thunderbird