Mystery Car!


You know what’s the best part of a three-day weekend? It’s the fact that you also get a four-day work week along with it. Lots of us here in the U.S. have had just such a short week after having wished Presidents Washington and Lincoln happy birthday last Monday. And that may make you confused as to what day it is today, and why we’re doing Mystery Car! on Thursday, but don’t worry, it’s really Friday, whoo-hoo!

This week’s Mystery Car is in ever-fashionable red and that may offer a clue to its origin. It also appears to be a convertible, however that may be illusionary and it could be just the world’s most poorly fitting vinyl roof. At any rate, unlike some previous contenders, it’s pretty easy to tell which way this one is facing. Okay, here we go, make model, year and engine FTW. Bonne chance!

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