Mystery Car!

Olds? Buick? Ford? Toyota? Nissan? BMW?

Are you ready for the weekend? After all it’s going to be a three-day one if you happen to be a student, federal employee, or member of some freaky President’s Day Cult. Getting ready for the weekend – extended or not – is sort of a ritual for many, usually begun by ensuring Friday will be an easy day. Hopefully that ritual for you includes attempting to solve the weekly Mystery Car!, which may or may not be all that easy.
Last week’s Italdesign Audi proved not too inscrutable, the solution coming in less than an hour and a half, and indicating that you all are getting back some of your mojo after the previous two weeks’ semi-stumpers. Today we’re going to go for one that seems easy, but actually is. . .  well, pretty easy if you know what you’re seeing. No clues will be offered, and of course the standard rules apply – make, model, year and engine to win. Void where prohibited, minimum purchase required.

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