Mystery Car!


Hey there party people, are you clock watchers ready to take a break from the daily grind? Step momentarily out of the rat race? Take advantage of our modern era’s lackadaisical work ethic? Well, then step right up because it’s that staple of Friday productivity killers, the Mystery Car!. Of course, you guys are so good at these that it’s hardly a coffee break’s time before you’ve solved it, so even the most slave-driving of bosses can’t complain too vociferously. And to make sure you don’t get docked at all, I’m making today’s candidate super easy by having it appear in glorious red. You know, the official color of Italian cars, especially Ferrari? Oops, perhaps I have given away too much. Regardless, you know the rules, make, model, year and engine, nothing less will be accepted, all returns must be accompanied by a receipt. Okay, start negatively impacting global productivity . . . now!

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