Mystery Car

Okay ladies and germs, time to fire up that old Google image search and see if you can match the picture above. Let’s see if you can give me make, model, country of origin, engine type and drivetrain. You all are pretty good at these things so I expect the correct answer will come in the first five or so minutes. But even if it does, I’ll post the rest of the picture a little later.
Good luck!

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17 responses to “Mystery Car”

  1. Josh Avatar

    I was thinking Toyota MR2 but not so sure.

  2. damnelantra™[!] Avatar

    fiero with a nsx body kit!

  3. Festiva_Movemnt Avatar

    I keep thinking it's some sort of French homologation special… Not having any luck matching it though…

  4. Marshall Avatar

    Dodge Stealth RT perhaps? AWD, twin turbo Mitsubishi V6.

  5. chrystlubitshi Avatar

    hmmm… i see four lug wheels….. but the google-fu is not strong with this one today

  6. BGW Avatar

    Mosler MT900 was my first thought. My second thought is that my first thought is wrong.

    1. coupeZ600 Avatar

      That's good….

  7. nofrillls Avatar

    I've scoured the internets, considering the Subaru SVX, Dodge Stealth, Mitsubishi 300GT and various incarnations of the Nissan Skyline, anything with that fat, flared tookus. It's a bust though, I give up.

  8. dculberson Avatar

    I thought SHOgun at first but looks like I was wrong.

  9. tonyola Avatar

    Panther Solo. Now what do I win?

    1. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar


    2. Alff Avatar

      Good find. Oddly proportioned car, however.

  10. Velocitré Avatar

    Panther Solo for the win!
    Weybridge, England, a mid-engined rear wheel drive car, it had a Ford 1.6 CVH Engine (as fitted in the Ford Fiesta XR2),

    1. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

      you get a "NICE!!!!!" too, for also adding engine, drivetrain and country of origin, etc.

  11. scroggzilla Avatar

    You're all wrong! It is clearly a Humber Super Snipe.

    1. damnelantra™[!] Avatar

      im glad someone remembers…