Mystery Car

Hey it’s Friday, and that means Mystery Car, or in this case, Mystery Truck. Yes, that’s a clue to solving this vexing conundrum, and in fact the only one you’re going to get in reference to its identity. Of course most of you would need even less than that slim hint as you are all like Rainman when it comes to these – well that and your affinity for Kmart.
In case you’re new here, or suffer from AADD, what we’re looking for is the following- Make, Model, Year, and Engine. Extra points for bringing me a nice single malt added info like production numbers and famous achievements. This one’s pretty easy, but should offer you at least a five minute respite from work or whatnot, so have at it.
Good luck Hoons!

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  1. Bret Avatar

    Looks a bit Citroënesque. Or perhaps it's an NSX.

  2. SSurfer321 Avatar

    <img src=""&gt;
    No wait…that's not right…

  3. Black Steelies Avatar

    Looks like an early Japanese truck. I have no idea yet but I want to post this before someone guesses it.

  4. facelvega Avatar

    It looks to me like an early Datsun pickup, I'm guessing toward the end of the first platform run, which was 1934-54, so something like a model 5147. I can't figure out which model had those fender treatments and that shape of hood vent, looks fancier than the normal versions. So not quite sure exactly what it is yet.
    <img src=""&gt;

    1. packratmatt Avatar

      You're pretty close. It's a Nissan Tama.

      1. raphaelinberlin Avatar

        oh man…the electric van version sans vents (that's the tan one in this picture) had me completely thrown off. Here's the truck:
        <img src="; width="500">

      2. P161911 Avatar

        So the Leaf isn't Nissan's first electric vehicle.

      3. tonyola Avatar

        It's not a *Nissan* Tama. The Tama was the predecessor to the Prince Motor Car Company, which was an independent entity and not associated with Nissan until 1966, when Nissan bought the company outright. Here's the passenger car version of the Tama.
        <img src="; width=400>

        1. raphaelinberlin Avatar

          shout out to!

  5. muthalovin Avatar

    <img src="; width=500>
    I like the standard blue on the NSX, but sky blue is pretty radical too.
    Mystery truck, however, is some kind of magic gray/blue. Very pretty.

    1. joshuman Avatar

      This never gets old. I am not trying to make some sarcastic remark. I really did chuckle once I saw the NSX. Those three-spoke wheels should go back to the Saab though.

      1. muthalovin Avatar

        Totally. I showed that pic to a friend, and we agreed that those rims are very "old school."

      2. JayP Avatar

        Makes changing the brake pads without removing the wheel a snap.

  6. 2stroke4life Avatar

    Darn… someone got to the answer before me. I was thinking it was the prewar version of a DKW/IFA-based Barkas Framo mini-pickup from East Germany.