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MotorWeek’s tribute to Pat Goss

Several generations of automotive enthusiasts grew up watching AutoWeek. Pat Goss, in his weekly “Goss’ Garage” segment was no small part of this show. With over 2000 episodes, his teachings helped many of us understand the inner workings of vehicles and vehicle care.

With Pat’s recent passing, AutoWeek created a well deserved tribute to Pat. The video describes Pat’s love affair with the automobile from an early age. He somehow managed to start an auto body shop right out of high school. He was an expert witness in many proceedings and appeared on my television shows as a protector of consumer rights. His ultimate passion was educating customers. which was most evident in Goss’ Garage.

Rest in peace, Pat. You are already missed by so many. Thank you for all your advise.

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2 responses to “MotorWeek’s tribute to Pat Goss”

  1. smaglik Avatar

    I’ll miss his segments…many times they were the highlight of the show. On another note, he looked great for 80 or so…and must have come out of the womb looking 35.

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    41 years of TV advice after an already impressive career in the repair business. A life lived well!