Motorboat Monday: Folding Boat on a Motorcycle Trailer

Have you ever found your wishing to ride your motorcycle to your secret fishing spot? Sure, we all have, but it has been all but an impossible dream. Until now.

Folks, I present to you… the little folding fishing boat that goes on a little trailer which can be pulled by your motorcycle. 

[Source: Kansas City Craigslist | Thanks for the tip Travis! ]

From the ad:

This trailer was made by U.S. Hovercraft and I can’t find any information about it on the web.This might be the “Coolest Motorcycle Trailer Every” [sic]. The boat, trailer and 2HP motor weights about 200 pounds. Needs to be restored and colored match to your bike but how cool would this be!!. Asking $1,000.00

Oh, you want a V8 bike to pull it with too? This guy has it:

2000 Kannon with a Chev 355hp ZZ4 available for $16,500.00. And it will pull it. 

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