More NEA Than NHRA- Questionable Auto Art

Need to replace that picture of the dogs playing poker? Hooniverse is here to help.
Art appreciation is mostly subjective. One man’s shabby chic reclaimed porcelain front yard flower pot, is another man’s urban blight discarded toilet with weeds. And while most car nuts appreciate the artistry of of the masters- Giugiaro, Pininfarina, Lowey, etc, when it comes to transcribing the visual interest of the motor vehicle to that of immobile objet d’ art, we typically don’t see the point. That’s kind of where I am with this piece of art- a hood from a 1935 Chevy, for which the dealer is asking $890. I think I’d rather have it attached to the car- and have that car in my garage, than have it detached and lain bare for the scrutiny of all to divine the artist’s intent, and to make vapid claims about how it presents a powerful statement.
That being said, I wonder if $890 is too much for a straight and reasonably rust-free hood for a ’35, should you need one to complete a restoration?
Thanks to lilwillie for the art lesson, and to his brother for getting us the price.
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  1. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    I have a "metal sculpture" by my front door to greet people.
    It's made from a scissor jack, with scrap metal arms and hands welded on. As you crank the handle, it looks like ti's either waving or doing jumping jacks.
    Alas, the only people who come to my front door are solicitors (everyone else comes through the driveway gate), for whom I really need a different semi-functional metal sculpture.

    1. iheartstiggie Avatar

      Oh do please show a photo of this. I love things made from car parts. I made a door stopper out of a cam shaft. I mean yeah, it was as simple as setting it on the floor in front of the door after I cleaned and painted it, but i cannot tell you how many people comment on it. A lot more than the brick stuffed chicken my mom used to use when we were kids!

  2. joshuman Avatar

    I like the patina.

  3. lilwillie Avatar

    I hear you. I've gotten into arguments with "artists" in our town who think art is just what they think it is. We have a yearly car show in the downtown art district and all the artists get pissed that the streets are shut down and no one can park in front of their galleries. Well, piss off ya wankers. The cars in the show are just as much a work of art as the red paint you threw at the wall and called art. Actually, they are better.

    1. skitter Avatar

      An artist stands by his painting in a gallery.
      The first patron approaches, looks at it, and says "That's not art! It doesn't look like anything, it didn't take any skill, and it's ugly as hell."
      The artist just says "Bourgeoisie pig!"
      The second patron examines the painting and is overcome, deeply touched, briefly sees the universe, or at least his world put in order,
      and congratulates and thanks the artist profusely for his profound accomplishment.
      And the artist says "Bourgeoisie pig!"

  4. Claud Tikkanen Avatar

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