Modify your own virtual JL Wrangler before the official debut tomorrow


The official debut of the JL Wrangler might be less than 24 hours away but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some last-minute fun outside of the imminent Jeep-backed Build and Price. As we prepare for the JL’s official unveiling, why not spend some time virtually modifying the upcoming four-door Jeep?
What we have here is a fantastic tool-meets-toy, brought to you by and powered by, in which you can customize your very own virtual 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.
My dream JLUR “build” can be seen in the lede image. I went with a 2” lift, 35” KM2s on stock wheels, sliders, a Mopar hard top, Smittybilt bumper, LED headlights, stubby front bumper, chopped flat-fenders, and so on. It would be a daily drive-able rig with full off-road capability, focused on wheeling prowess over parking-lot praise. How would you build yours?

The virtual modification tool, much akin to something you’d see in an off-road video game, allows you to configure your dream JLUR in just about every regard, from wheels and tires to lifts, sliders, and so on. With an expansive selection of aftermarket parts geared towards both form and function, the website truly is a time-killer. Whether you want to go the lightly-modified route or build an all-our monster, InteractiveGarage’s, well, interactive garage sets your mind free to live out its fantasies.
And if you want to live out your nightmares, there are some truly questionable accessories here– sorry, Fab Fours– that push deep into the catastrophically heinous category. I’m hoping some of these are fake, like the laughably tacked-on flares, wannabe-military windshield shroud, oh and the freaking mohawk, but as can be expected with the “look at how tough I am, bro!” crowd that’s contributing so heavily to Jeep’s ever-increasing JKU sales numbers, I’m scared that they’re a terrifying reality.

All that said, it’s still fun to toy around with the available vehicles and see what you can do. Should you have the desire (and the time), you can also play around with a few other vehicles as well, such as Rams, Tundras, F150s, Tacomas, and so no. I might have configured my dream Tacoma– or as close to it as this configurator allows you to build– and racked up nearly $15k in modifications in the process.

So should you have some time to burn, hop on over to’s JL Wrangler Unlimited interactive garage, and see what you can whip up right before the JL’s official unveiling tomorrow.

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2 responses to “Modify your own virtual JL Wrangler before the official debut tomorrow”

  1. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    I really hope Land Rover is noticing Jeep’s approach and learning valuable lessons for their eventual Defender replacement.

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    I saw some specs on the 3 engines, which are pretty interesting or I might say puzzling – more torque from the 2.0T than a Golf R. Let’s hope they have done their homework.