Modern Classics Meet in Warsaw

Youngtimer Warsaw is a group of automotive enthusiasts who gather several times per year in Warsaw. Each event is a meet, cars-and-coffee type of a thing, where everyone can check out each other’s ride and shoot the shit. Dumb behavior, such as burnouts and racing, is strongly discouraged. This past weekend was their 2017 season opener at the site of the former FSO factory and test track. 
The theme here of course is the cars of the common era, something between 1950s and 1990s. Your loud Aventador or Bentayga wrapped in purple matte won’t impress anyone, sorry not sorry. But judging by the Youngtimer Warsaw‘s Facebook page, the cars that did gather would be a welcome sight at any meet on this side of the Atlantic. Check out the pictures below and like their page to fill your feed with these awesome machines. 
All photos and photo credits are on the YT facebook page. Make sure to check out Youngtimer Warsaw website, too. 

The Audi V8 was damn imposing in its time, seemed very wide. It was the young Ivy League grad giving the finger to the old school banker. 

Period correct accessories are a must. 

This shark came all the way from Latvia. Is that a U.S. bumper?

Black, pre-EU, license plates! Any resemblance to the Chevy Cavalier is purely coincidental. 

Yellow license plates mean historic plates, same deal as in the U.S. – limited annual mileage, reduced insurance, blah blah…

At one time all French cars were required to have yellow headlights. Yellow fog-lights are better when driving through an actual fog. But I do not know why this German Benz is all orange. 

E28 with Euro headlights and bumpers. So much nicer than U.S. spec. 

I wonder which is more reliable, this or the 2017 Giulia. 

Not everyone’s cup of the tea, but that’s the idea…

The Euro lights just looks some much better on W123s. These seem tinted, not sure if that’s OEM. 

In the 1970s and 1980s there were two types of taxis in Warsaw. The first kind was the common privately owned taxis one would hope to hail. The second kind were radio dispatched on request by phone. The irony is that many people did not have home phones. Number 1313 radio taxi is especially iconic as it was character on a TV show. 

We need more Renaults in America. Maybe. 

American are rather rare in Poland. 

205 Cabrio. Antii loves these dumb things. And a 4Runner!

Opel GT and DeLorean! 

Subtle details make the Euro-spec Scirocco just some much nicer.

Polish Fiats are always well represented. 

A little bit of the Fast & Furious crowd, too. 


American spec ZXs did not have headlight washers. 

So wwwiiidddeeee….


Rare and somewhat obscure, the FSO 1500 (Fiat 125p) pickup!

Not rusted and running is an accomplishment for any early RX-7. 

You can tell the later Fiat 126p’s from the earlier ones by their plastic black bumpers, rear fog-lights, and reverse lights. Yes, that’s a tow hitch on this car with a 650cc engine and yes, people towed campers with these things. 

I love this Alfasud! The Bosch lights make it just slightly better!

Early 1990’s, I think, Polonez Caro. The accessories seem period correct. 

Again, with the orange headlights!


They sold this crap everywhere…

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9 responses to “Modern Classics Meet in Warsaw”

  1. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    imo the lights off the Euro W123 four-cylinder models don’t really look much better than the US-spec sealed beams, just different. with that tint applied, i kinda think it looks worse. my opinion, of course.
    now, the six-cylinder models looked properly good with the single rectangular lens. if i were of a mind to keep my 240D much longer, i would upgrade to those for sure. $200 well-spent.

  2. jim Avatar

    That Alfasud (Sprint) is actually an Alfetta GT. This is an Alfasud Sprint :

    1. Kamil K Avatar

      Sorry… and I did know that. Brain fart.

    2. theskig Avatar

      You mean the grey one? It’s a GTV!

  3. crank_case Avatar

    Great to see an article without “dying in Poland” in the title. Great to see folks keeping stuff alive, and I’m sure Poland isn’t the easiest country to pursue the hobby in either.

    1. Kamil K Avatar

      Oh, don’t worry, I got more of those coming!

  4. duurtlang Avatar

    “205 Cabrio. Antii loves these dumb things.”
    Drive one and you’ll understand. I own 3 currently; 1988 GTI, 1987 CTI (convertible GTI), 1986 base model.

    1. Kamil K Avatar

      I WISH!

    2. crank_case Avatar

      Had a 91 1.6 GTI myself, stupidly good fun.