Modern Art Monday: The Super Edition

The Art of Auto car show this past weekend featured literally millions of dollars of high end new cars on display out in front of the New-Journal convention center.  I thought my fellow Hoons might enjoy viewing a few of the super coupes I enjoyed seeing on Saturday but making the jump is necessary to do so.

Now this olelongrooffan is not the biggest fan of super cars, after all the roof isn’t long enough on these, but I sure enjoy looking at them and just plain ole wondering how the hell anyone can afford these things.

My Rolex24 buddy, RJ, who proudly states that none of his cars have backseats, is in the market for a GT3 and he struck up a conversation with one of the sales dudes while this olelongrooffan gathered up some of these images.

Lamborghini of Orlando brought a bunch of stuff up for my viewing pleasure and there were a few privately owned vehicles also in attendance.

I thought this bright orange Lambo was over the top, IMHO.

There were several Ferraris and Aston Martins floating around also.

And while this olelongrooffan isn’t really a big fan of these, I would not turn down

the gift of either one of these ragtops.

Having said that however, this red Mercedes with the red top was a little too much. Now there were a bunch of nice new cars there but

the sighting of this vintage Dino really cheered me up.

img src= this olelongrooffan
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