Modern Art Monday: Long. Low. And. Blue?

Last week while the Hooniverse Prolotariat was conspicuous by their absense, Dearthair from over at Atomic Toasters stepped in to provide moral support to we contributors and even chimed in with a few posts of his own. A couple of them were about Cadillac SeriesSixtys and 75s. Even though this olelongrooffan thought I knew the difference, I am now totally confused. Therefore, I am merely calling this a Fleetwood V8.

I spotted this baby blue Cadillac Fleetwood Formal Limousine which was born in the same year this olelongrooffan graduated high school. Yes it is a malaise era 1977 model sporting a 7.0 liter V8 generating a paltry 180 horsepower. By comparison, my 1973 Commando generates 258 horsepower, one for every cubic inch of its engine.

As I appoached this gold toothed beast I noticed Mom in the driver’s seat and daughter in the passenger. I asked if I could take a few images of it and Mom generously acquiesced.

I doubt this is a daily driver as it has only the ignition and trunk key on that key ring. It shows 22,000 on the five digit odometer but this olelongrooffan suspects it has possesses 122,000 given its somewhat weathered condition.

I am also confident that continental tire kit on its ass end is an aftermarket addition as not one of them I google imaged had one. And the fact it has both a Fleetwood and a Brougham script is going to pass without further mention from this olelongrooffan.

Yes, it hurts that this automobile is worthy of a Florida blue plate antique tag. That means I graduated high school a longgg time ago.

Jump seats FTW.

It possesses the plush velvet blue interior similar in color to about half the tuxedos at my senior prom that year. Yeah, they are living room couch comfortable and long enough to stretch out on.

The interior lights still work and the door mounted ashtrays and lighters are a formal touch found often in luxury cars back in the day. I remember TheGentlemanFarmer’s 66 Electra duece and a quarter had them also.

And I’ll wager that rear spoiler with the third brake light generates tons of down force while it is accelerating from 0-60 in 11.9 seconds.

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