Modern Art Monday – From Twin Turbos…With Love

Brutal yet simplistic design is something I love about engineering. Something that’s made to be so functional it’s beautiful can be very easy to geek out over. This Modern Art Monday we take a closer look at the wonderfully controversial Hennessey Venom GT and it’s quite stunning mirror image Twin Turbo system. I love turbo efficiency, the whole using engine waste to develop power the whole “circle of life” of it all is fascinating. Using one of the largest yet most simple designed engine available the 7.0L LSX based power plant of the  Venom GT and adding a set up Precision twin 67mm ball bearing turbos is the heart of this 270.49mph monster. What do you find fascinating about this design or what other turbo system might be able to trump this one? [Image Source: Hennessey Performance Engineering]

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