Modern Art Monday – 1980 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

Under the Modern Art Monday moniker I’ve been eager to post well-preserved classic metal – showroom fresh, that is. Even if it’s not completely uncommon to see older American cars in good, useable condition here, this Saturday sighting is one of the better-kept ones.

And with a good DSLR at my disposal this time, instead of shuffling on the surrounding ice with a phone in hand, I was able to take my time and document this Twilight Blue 1980 Eldorado Biarritz in detail.

Click for more photos of the second Cadillac featured today.

Reading up on Cadillacs, it’s amusing to realize the 1979-onwards Eldorado was a downsized car. Over here it’s as enormous as any Cadillac can be, all pointy edges and long hood with chrome and stainless steel at hand. The shape is classically formal, and it must appeal to Finns grown up with Matlock and Dallas.

There are small vestigial fins as a hereditary design element, reflected proudly on the Art & Science design language of 2000s Cadillacs.

And still, showroom condition and all, the Caddy isn’t too proud to wear studded winter tires when cruising around town in March. Said tires appear to be BF Goodrich.

The Cadillac crest is featured here, there and everywhere, as it should be.

As should a vinyl top with all the trimmings that should.

Since this Cadillac is registered as a 1980 model, it has been spared from the abomination that is the V8-6-4 engine and instead there’s most likely a 368 L61 V8 with 145 horses. But I might be wrong here, so feel free to correct me if necessary.

I’ve always liked the monumental grilles on old Cadillacs, in my mind they stand tall like Vegas hotels.

There’s some wear on the hood’s leading edge and the chrome on the front has chipped, but that’s pretty much the only wear you can see on the car.

The brightwork has retained its shine around the glasshouse, with the stainless steel roof panel looking good. I also like the plush-looking leather interior, which seems to comprise solely of different sofa pillows.

In closing, this is exactly the kind of sighting I like to post here, especially as detailedly as it was possible this time.

With fuel prices for premium going past 1,80EUR/l (9 USD/gallon), the significance of the statement of driving a Cadillac in Finland becomes all the more poignant.


Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen

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