Missed It: Bewinged 1973 Chevy Laguna Inspires TransAm Fantasies

1973 Chevy Laguna For Sale1973 Chevy Laguna For Sale Ever found yourself attracted to someone or something when you know you shouldn’t be? Such is this 1973 Chevy Chevelle Laguna. Not a particularly handsome body style, ridiculous yellow paint topped off with a ridiculous wing, and I can’t get enough of it. It’s probably how the fenders drape perfectly over the black steelies. Seriously, I wouldn’t change a thing. Ok, I’d probably repaint it black, were it actually  my early malaise-mobile, but that’s it. Underneath, it’s got the standard warmed-up 350ci + TH350 combo. The interior’s decent, but then again smell doesn’t transfer well online. It did a few rounds on eBay before finally going for $4,200 over the weekend.  Guess the vintage racer duties will have to fall to the Falcon

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