Mike Spinelli Is The New Editor-In-Chief of 0-60 Magazine

Where do they get these marvellous TOYS?
Proving me wrong once again, Twitter has just revealed itself to be somewhat useful. Okay, maybe “useful” is too strong a word.
We're pretty sure that's him. Although it might be his stunt double.
Mike Spinelli, the genius behind the original iteration of Jalopnik and a friend and fairly regular visitor of Hooniverse, has just been named Editor-In-Chief of 0-60 Magazine, according to Spinelli himself. Since we consider him to be a fairly reliable source, we’re going to take his word for it. For those of you unaware, 0-60 magazine was an attempt, started a year or so ago, to create an automotive magazine in North America that was on par with the quality and calibre of work coming from the big-name British mags like car and evo. Now, let’s be brutally honest, they’ve never succeeded completely, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’ve failed. They set themselves an absurdly high goal, and came remarkably close to hitting it, resulting in a magazine that is, by my estimation, the best production out of North America. They’ve had unique viewpoints, fresh writing and fantastic photography. The other magazines should take note; the formula 0-60 uses is one that produces a far superior product. Congratulations to Mike on his new job! There’s a big task ahead just managing to maintain the same high level of quality, but we’re confident he’s the man for the job.

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