MG Midget With Engine Elephantiasis = Awesome Alliteration

What to do with a cheapo MG Midget with a trashed A-series motor? Budget autocrossing is too tame. Vintage racing is too obvious. How about slipping a 1380cc lump huffing nitrous between the rails and taking it drag racing? That’s a plan we Hoons can get behind.

Weber carb … lightweight flywheel … heavy duty axles … 4.87 rear end … it checks all the right boxes for a bantamweight (1375 lbs) strip machine. It’s not slacking in the style department, either: the Speedwell hood with that delicious NACA duct are pure sex, as are the classy mirrors paired with the Minilite replicas. No horsepower numbers or drag times shouldn’t be a sign that this bad little Limey is a slouch – on the contrary, it probably runs like away faster than those Redcoats in that crazy Dodge commercial of late. My feeling is that, just like that commercial, this Midget could be best served with a hearty plate of anachronism – perhaps with a turbocharger off of MG Metro, like this delicious offering from Bringatrailer? Plus that included Datsun 5-speed should allow this beast to be a streetable car with proper tuning. There’s more potential here than the buy-it-now price lets on. Size does matter – in this case, smaller is better.
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  1. car Avatar

    nice engine, i’ll try to pimp my ride