Meet the Ghazal-1: a Real-Life Canyonero, with No Sense of Irony

Can you name the truck with four wheel drive, smells like falafel and seats thirty-five!

Ghazal-1! Ghazal-1!
Looking like something from the background of a mid-90s cartoon, the Ghazal 1 is Saudi Arabia’s first and most earnest attempt to break into this “automobile manufacturing” fad. Saudi Arabia, as we all know, has far too much oil sitting beneath their windswept sand dunes, and dagnabbit, they just can’t give it away! And what with the fuzz putting the kibosh on all of those crazy Youtube hoonage videos (in nearby Dubai, anyway), well, they gotta get rid of all that black gold somehow.
And what better way than to rip a page from our playbook?

Well, it goes real slow around the 'Ring, it's the oil-fried truck endorsed by a king!

We’ve been burning their oil with gas-guzzling SUVs for decades now, it’s about time they tried it themselves. The Ghazal 1 was designed and built by students from the King Saud University, which is a pretty cool project to work on when you’re in college and aren’t allowed to drink. Featuring the blessing of King Abdullah, the vehicle is 90% home-grown Saudi, with foreign input coming from Motorola, Mercedes-Benz (who supplied the G-Class chassis) and Magna Canada. Ambitious goals for the engineering team involve producing 20,000 models a year at $100,000 a pop—a perfect weekend car for your average sheik to bomb across the Arabian Peninsula, blaring “Rock the Casbah” for maximum ironic effect. Hey, you keep burning it, and they’ll keep building it.
Eleven metres long, two lanes wide, fifty-nine kilograms of Islamic pride!

But first, the team will need a 500-million-dollar investment from outside sources to build Saudi Arabia’s first car. At that rate, the country’s pesky oil “surplus” will be taken care of by the time BP CEO Tony Hayward decides to care about the “small people.” Put a snorkel on it and float it through the Gulf, and maybe some of that oil won’t go to waste!
She blinds everybody with her super high beams, she's an oryx-squishin' camel-smackin' drivin' machine!

[Source: King Saud University News, Autoblog]

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  1. Seth L Avatar
    Seth L

    They need foreign investment why? Does not compute!

  2. DrOOpieS Avatar

    Looks like a toy. Also, will Krusty the Klown be the spokesperson?

  3. tonyola Avatar

    I guess all of the Lamborghini LM002s in Saudi Arabia are worn out now or have been crashed.

  4. superbadd75 Avatar

    I’m not sure I should admit this, but I don’t hate it. The grill sucks, and the spare tire thing they’ve got goin on out back is crap, but overall it’s not horrible. Not to mention that it’s got some off road cred from the G-Class underpinnings. It definitely looks better than a Mahindra truck, which come to think of it, may be where the grill came from.

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