Meet Eleanor

Yes, “that” Eleanor. The very same white unicorn I have been chasing for almost two months now. They say if you love something, set it free. To those people I say “it rubs the lotion on it’s skin…”

In the event you are new here, us Hoons have a penchant for all-things wagon.  We also have an affinity for Datsuns.  Well, at least Dearthair and myself do.  When I stumbled across this particular Datsun wagon for sale at the beginning of the year I promptly wet my pants and simultaneously shot off an email to the seller looking for details.  Within a few hours I had a response “it’s my daughters car, it needs a new ignition switch.”  That was the extent of our exchange.  Further emails, and later phone calls went unanswered.  Weeks passed and still no response.  I was heartbroken to say the least as the asking price was only $850!  Someone had obviously showed up that same day with a trailer and a roll of twenties.
To call me a quitter isn’t really fair as I tried, and tried, and tried to get in touch with the seller.  When it finally hit me that this guy isn’t responding to me because the car is long gone, I proudly proclaimed denial was infact a river in Egypt.  I bitched and whined on FB and in the comments about the “one that got away.”  And then, last week an email was circulating amoungst the contributariate entitled “What is your Eleanor?”  Astonishingly, the white unicorn was not the first thing to pop into my head.  As I sat there trying to come up with a schtick, it dawned on me in a facepalm kind of way that I had already had my Eleanor experience.  So, off I went to collect photos from the original ad.  Click on the search function, input “Datsun” and hit enter, couldn’t be simpler.  Having searched the site repeatedly in the previous few weeks,  I knew that only 14 or 15 ads would come back.  You can only imagine the things going through my mind and coming out of my mouth when I found this baby re-listed the very same morning.  I went ahead with my Eleanor article, not having much faith in the seller but secretly hoping I would have the opportunity to write the article you are reading now.  Amazingly I was able to get into contact with the seller and arrange a viewing.  This would be the very same guy that has an orignial Fiat 500 in his garage that I profiled yesterday on my roadtrip.  Ok, I am starting to ramble, let’s get to the important stuff.
The body is in great shape, though it does have some cancer marks here and there.  Nothing too major for a specimen of this age.  The acres of glass appear to be unblemished as well.  It has either new or re-upholstered (brown) front seats and (black) back seats.  That about does it on the positive side of things.  I don’t know if it actually runs, it was last registered in 08.  The wiring is a mess and the floorboards are almost nonexistent.  The interior of the car was apparently the site of a hornet mass-suicide also.  And finally, I do not currently have the car in my possession as I don’t have the means to transport it.  U-haul + dolly, auto transporter, fellow hoon with a trailer?  At any rate, I hope to have it here by the end of the week.
The only thing left to ask is “if you were Jo Schmo, what would you do with it?”
I have some ideas…

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