Mechatronik: Classic Mercedes Looks with Modern Power

The thing about old cars is that often time their street performance isn’t always up to modern standards. Those with restored classic cars and the desire to drive them daily have to share the road with monsters such as V6 Camrys driven by people who stream their music while sipping their soy fraps. Like it or not many modern mid-size sedans can outperform many-a-performance vehicle from decades past.

To combat that, restomods of questionable taste are dime-a-dozen these days. They are most often suited to personal taste and/or driving style and often appeal to only a handful of people. Mechatronik, however, a German Mercedes Benz restorer, came up with a different idea – meet the MSL and the M-Coupé.

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Mechatronik will restore your classic Benzito to like-new condition and then they give you the option on installing a modern engine in it, even an AMG version. Chassis is further upgraded to handle the extra power but the list of options does not end there. Current active safety features such as ABS brakes and traction control can also be installed. The best part of the whole upgrade is that everything is done in an “unobtrusive manner, “invisible” to casual observers and preserving the authentic esthetics of the original model”

The list of unobtrusive options does not end with the engine and chassis however. A modern climate control system along with an invisible high-end audio and navigation systems can also be installed. It goes further to seats fitted specifically to the driver, cooled glove-boxes, sunroofs and essentially any other feature found on modern most cars. Very cool stuff but it is probably better not to ask about the price (think SLS price, if you must). With that said, I would take one of those AMG-ed M-Coupés over some of the brand’s current offerings. 

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