McLaren, Honda, Some Cameras, and You

At the start of the prior Formula One season, McLaren Honda announced it would be letting Amazon produce a Prime Original series about the 2017 season. The fact that the series is still being released after this awful season was done and dusted, and divorce filed, has me more interested than I was when the show was first announced. 
So much time had passed since the initial announcement of the show to when the horrid and bitter McLaren Honda partnership had met its end. I was sure that any footage that existed was being buried along where they put Martin Whitmarsh. If you ignore the hand-holding in the trailer for the general public, there are some hints of some really exciting transparency, which in the world of F1 is still unheard of.
This also isn’t the first time Amazon has done something like this, as they embedded with several teams during the lead-up to, and race of the 2015 LeMans 24. That was another series that while not perfect, had some amazing insight, especially into the doomed Nissan team. Oh, and if that first series didn’t win you over, know this; Senna producer Manish Pandey is involved.

For those reasons, and the fact that I will forever be a McLaren apologist and fan, I know I’ll be binging all four episodes when they air on February 9th, exclusively to Amazon Prime members. Expect a full article about the McLaren Honda “Situation” sometime after that, and a review of the Amazon program on The DFL Show.

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One response to “McLaren, Honda, Some Cameras, and You”

  1. Monkey10is Avatar

    “A line has been crossed – we’re done.”
    I’m not a Prime subscriber, so it’s likely to be a while before I catch up with this series; so I look forward to your insight on it Patrick.