The Pandra Pro

Marshmallow Tundra’s legacy lives on in replacement Tundra build

It was one of the most heroic automotive-centric stories of 2018. Amidst the horrific fires that charred Paradise, California a man used his beloved Toyota Tundra to save lives. Though a bit worse for wear, the truck survived the blaze. Appropriately the enthusiast community took notice and the Marshmallow Tundra, “The Pandra,” became an icon.

Shortly after getting wind of Allyn Pierce’s good doings Toyota stepped in. A replacement Tundra was gifted to him to recognize his selflessness and alleviate the burden of having to front the cost of a new truck. The truck is a TRD Pro, a higher trim than the truck sacrificed in the sake of others’ well-being. Like The Pandra it’s a white full-size pickup. There was only one thing to do with the blank canvas.

Allyn and Rockstar Garage worked together to carry on the Marshmallow Tundra’s legacy. By outfitting the Pandra Pro with a wide assortment of gear the truck is now bigger and badder than the Marshmallow was in its pre-char life. The finishing touch was to paint the new Toyota to match the life-saving truck that it replaced. As you can see, the final product is nothing short of amazing.

Though this truck itself might not be a HCOTY nominee like its predecessor, it’s still wholly fantastic in its own right. Check out the Rockstar Garage video below to see for yourself.

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One response to “Marshmallow Tundra’s legacy lives on in replacement Tundra build”

  1. Alff Avatar

    As soon as this truck’s 15 minutes are over, I’m repainting it.